Pietro Lonoce 

Fragagnano, Italia 

Born in Taranto on April 2, 1997.
In 2017, I relocated to Parma to pursue my studies in Communication and Contemporary Media for Creative Industries. Currently, I am employed as a freelance graphic designer.
In my research, photography presents itself as an ambiguous stimulus, and this ambiguity can give rise to various meanings based on its projective characteristics. For me, photography is a spontaneous act, an essential expression of my being. I am interested in subjects that revolve around the everyday, the ordinary, the seemingly ‘simple’ things, and the contrasts within our society. I am drawn to the unique features of a place, the customs, and the habits of the society in which I am immersed. I distance myself from what is commercially accepted and stereotypical visions, seeking instead the authenticity that defines a particular gesture.